You Clicked the Footer Logo!! That's Crazy!

/Seriously - Nobody Does That/



At this point we come to the awkward position of asking how you got here.  You see – our super serious SEO technicians work 25/7 to make sure this page is never indexed on the Google, the Bing or that other one.  So that leaves us with two options:

1. You are a super savvy sleuth deducting the secrets we’ve so deliberately hidden

2. A friend or internet stranger posted this link on social media and you glommed it up

In either case – you’re here. You’ve arrived at the foot of the mountain and you will be rewarded. Use the adjacent promo code with no spaces (if you’re on a phone it might be below this text instead of beside it – “ala responsive”) on any of our adventures to receive a one time 50% off discount.

Hey it's a bunch of turtles in space! - I still don't know what the promo code is.