What is lookgo.io all about?

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FAQs (Frequently Alleviated Qualms)

How much do the adventures cost?
Each adventure has a different cost associated. Five corners is currently only $5 and Boomtown Pursuit is $7.50 (on top of admission). This cost pays for an entry code for one phone to access the adventure.

You generally only need one code per group of people doing the adventure (best size is 3-5 people).

How do these adventures work?
Let’s break it down step by step:

  1. You buy a code (or are given one as a gift by an incredible friend or loved one)
  2. You get an email with instructions on how to activate that code and where to start your adventure
  3. You go to the destination and follow the instructions you received (generally involves texting the code to our cell number)
  4. Our interns (robot) quickly respond to your text with your first clue
  5. You send your answer *BAM!*
  6. Our bot replies with a hint if you were wrong or the next clue if you were right
  7. Rinse and Repeat until your adventure is complete (*unintentional and awesome rhyme)
  8. You give a glowing review on social media and tell allllll your friends and family and business associates about our service then Adam, Berkley, Chris, and Oliver can retire and continue making fun little adventures. Ok – maybe this is a bit presumptuous but we really really hope that you enjoy your experience and tell us about it (awesome or not so we can improve)
Who are these text message adventures for?
We have a couple adventures in Saskatoon right now that anyone can do. One is hosted at the WDM and is called the Boomtown Pursuit – it is available for purchase as you buy entry into the museum. The other tour just launched and is called Five Corners – you can purchase access on this website.

We’ve also built a number of team building exercises and a conference tour (an adventure where conference attendees had to solve puzzles at each booth in the exhibition hall).

We’re also exploring applications of our software on Facebook messenger (https://www.facebook.com/LookGo.io) – by visiting our Facebook page you can try a short “Choose your own adventure” game.

How long do these adventures take?
Participants can complete the adventures at their own pace. The Boomtown Pursuit was designed to take 45 minutes but it can vary significantly. The five corners tour generally takes an hour and a half depending on how fast the group walks and solves the puzzles.
How do the text message adventures work? (technically)
Our software built in Python works alongside a service called Twilio. Twilio allows us to lease cellular telephone numbers and passes messages sent to those numbers to our app – our app responds accordingly. Twilio also allows us to integrate with Facebook Messenger (hooray!)
Can other people create activities / adventures?

Absolutely – send us a message and let us know what you’re thinking. The underlying code is all open source as well so it’s available if you want to tinker!


Can local businesses participate?

Yes. Please. Contact us. We’d love to include local businesses in our adventures. We can provide a steady stream of foot traffic to your store and you can enhance the adventure of the participants.

We’d generally look for business to either sell access to a tour onsite, actively engaging with participants by sharing hints / clues or passively by having a sign or poster that leads people to their next clue.

The tl;dr (too long didn’t read)

Berkley and I wanted to create a fun and different activity for Saskatoon.  Chatting about it over coffee and writing the story we eventually became convinced the project had to become a reality.  So here we are with a product of fun for fun.

  • Inspiration 12%
  • Perspiration 12%
  • Coffee 70%
  • Madness 6%

Meet The Team

Berkley Staite

Berkley Staite

The Architect / Coffee Drinker

Adam Bissonnette

Adam Bissonnette

Programmer / Coffee Maker

Oliver Bissonnette

Oliver Bissonnette

The Muscle

Chris Penner

Chris Penner

Acro Developer